Is Mushroom Growing Sustainable?

Less Water Consumption

On average, growing 1 pound of mushrooms only requires 1.8 gallons of water. Compare that to 1 avocado, which requires 60 gallons of water, or 1 pound of corn, which requires 127 gallons! (Source:

Fewer Carbon Emissions

A serving of mushrooms equates to just 0.08 kg of CO2 emissions. Only lentils have a lower per serving CO2 emission level. (Source:

Less Energy Consumption

On average, growing 1 lb of mushrooms requires just 1 kWH of energy, which is roughly equal to the amount of energy used to brew a pot of coffee. (Source:

Efficient Land Use

In one year, a million pounds of mushrooms can be grown on a single acre of land. (Source:

Raw Material Upcycling

Mushrooms are grown on upcycled and composted materials (like manure, sawdust, and straw) which are leftovers from other parts of the agriculture process. (Source:

Lower Waste Generation

Following harvest, the substrate that produced the mushrooms is a great byproduct that has multiple uses on crops, in landscaping, and in reclamation projects. (Source: